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Raising the Sanctum

Director's Residence Renovation Phase 1

"Last week saw the beginning of the newest building project, only about 20 years overdue.

The last remaining building on the property that has not been renovated is the 2-story house structure that we lovingly referenced as “the sanctum,” a carryover from mine and Aaron’s sons growing up years as they set up an exercise space in it for their own personal workout sanctuary. I think the trendier name now is “man-cave.” In reality it is just an old building used for storage since the late 80’s.

However, there was a plan.

For at least 20 years the house that the camp has provided for Jeannie and me and our family has been, at best, sub-par. Its issues were such that it soon became apparent that investing any significant money in it to bring it up to a functioning level would be money wasted. Although we have continued to live there quite happily the house has not been an asset to ministry for us or the camp.

The Lord has now opened the door for renovation of “the sanctum” into a new staff residence with the probability of it becoming a duplex staff residence as needed in the future. This, in turn, will allow us to demolish the current house and expand the currently inadequate kitchen and dining room to proportions that will fit the needs of the ever expanding programs for years to come.

This project will not be easy. Installation of a proper foundation is the first need for this renovation, but that cannot take place without initially lifting the house off of its current foundation. Only then can the engineers actually determine the feasibility of this project, formulate a renovation plan, and accurately determine cost.

Thanks to Oldham House Movers, a 3rd generation house-moving company, the lifting process has been completed. The actual lifting and stabilizing of the structure was quite fascinating. A time-lapse of this 2-day process can be viewed here."

-David Ulrich

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