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The Anchorage Invitational Basketball Tournaments are not only an opportunity to get in a few extra games at the beginning of the season but are also a great way to build relationships with the players and coaches from other schools. Aside from being a fun weekend packed full of basketball, these tournaments are an opportunity to be under good preaching and spend some extra time in God’s Word with your team members. Get ready for three days of intense basketball drama to kick off an exciting season!

For information on how to get involved in one of our tournaments, please contact our Assistant Director, Dave Bradshaw (

You can view all games throughout the tournament weekend live via Facebook Live on our Facebook page called The Anchorage Christian Camp! Like the page, check the schedule, and tune in to see your team play every game! Follow this link to the Facebook page!

The speaker for the 2023 shoot-out tournament is to be announced. 

20th Annual Shoot-Out tournament




8:00pm - Wilmington [8] vs. Bob Jones [35]

10:00 - Ahoskie [20] vs. New Bern [47]



10:15am - Bob Jones [26] vs. New Bern [27]

2:00pm - Ahoskie [21] vs. Bob Jones [48]

4:00 - New Bern [43] vs. Wilmington [29]

8:15 - Wilmington [43] vs. Ahoskie [44]


9:45am - Consolation - Ahoskie [23] vs. Wilmington [58]

1:30pm - Championship - New Bern [31] vs. Bob Jones [46]

3:00 - Awards Ceremony


7:00pm - Wilmington [17] vs. New Bern [30]

9:00 - Wilmington [24] vs. Ahoskie [27]


9:15am - Ahoskie [16] vs. New Bern [17]

11:15 - New Bern [27] vs. Wilmington [11]

3:00pm - New Bern [24] vs. Ahoskie [22]

7:15 - Ahoskie [45] vs. Wilmington [18]


11:15am - Championship - New Bern [35] vs. Ahoskie [32]

3:00 - Awards Ceremony

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