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The Anchorage Invitational Basketball Tournaments are not only an opportunity to get in a few extra games, but are also a great way to build relationships with the players and coaches from the other schools you will be playing throughout your season. Aside from being a fun time packed full of basketball, these tournaments are an opportunity to be under good preaching and spend some extra time in God’s Word with your team members. Get ready for three days of intense basketball drama to kick off an exciting season.

For information on how to get involved in one of our tournaments, please contact our Program Director, Aaron Burk.

You can view all games this weekend live via Facebook Live on our Facebook group called The Anchorage Christian Camp! Join the group, check the schedule, and tune in to see your team play every game this weekend! Follow this link to join the group!

The teams playing in the 2017 Tip-Off Tournament are the Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Teams of the Berean Baptist Academy Bulldogs from Fayetteville, NC; the Wilmington Christian School Patriots from Wilmington, NC; Alamance Christian School Warriors from Graham, NC; and the New Life Christian Academy Lions from Fayetteville, NC.

Here’s a look at the game schedule and scores for the 2017 Shoot Out Tournament (November 30 – December 2, 2017):

Boys Games:

8:00p Wilmington [34]  vs. 
Berean [42]
10:00p Alamance [43] vs. New Life [59]


10:15a Berean [27] vs. New Life [61]
2:00p Alamance [46] vs. Berean [47]
4:00p New Life [77] vs. Wilmington [42]
8:15p Wilmington [41] vs. Alamace [34]

10:30a Boys’ Consolation — Wilmington [31] vs. Alamance [39]

2:45p Boys’ Championship — New Life [86] vs. Berean [45]


Girls’ Games

7:00p Alamance [44] vs. Berean [13]

9:00p Wilmington [58] vs. New Life [8]

9:15a New Life [3] vs. 
Alamance [57]
11:15a Berean [18] vs. Wilmington [29]
3:00p Wilmington [30] vs. Alamance [45]
7:15p Berean [52] vs. New Life [2]


9:15a Girls’ Consolation — Berean [43] vs. New Life [10]

1:30p Girls’ Championship — Alamance [46] vs. Wilmington [28]

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