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A letter from the Director:


Dear Friend,


This is likely some of the hardest news concerning the camp that I have ever had to deliver. As we were making final preparations for the delayed summer camping season to begin with the summer staff arriving on Monday for training and followed by the first camp program on Monday, June 29th, we were in extensive consultation with the various agencies we answer to for acceptable re-opening protocols and practices. What became glaringly apparent by late Thursday was that it would be a practical impossibility to provide an efficient, effective camping experience that would fulfill the mission of The Anchorage (please see our mission statement), satisfy all of the various agency requirements, and protect the future good operations of the camp in any reasonable, viable manner.  So on Friday morning we made the difficult decision to cancel the rest of the summer schedule. We will be resuming programming with the beginning of our fall camping season on August 9th.


One of our longtime supporters called me earlier this week to inquire of our welfare and assure us of his continued prayer and support. Specifically he mentioned his prayer was that, following this Covid shutdown, the ministry of The Anchorage would “bounce back” stronger and more effective than ever before. That is certainly our prayer as well. During this summer shutdown we will be striving to prepare the camp facility and program to resume operations in a far more efficient manner than ever before.


I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment that this decision has produced for so many. No one is more disappointed than are we. For those who have pre-paid registrations and/or camp fees we have provided 3 options:


1)    Forward those fees for registration or camp fees for next summer;

2)    Request a full refund which we will gladly send;

3)    Make a donation (tax-deductible) of those fees to The Anchorage. As you may know one of our supporting churches has provided a $25,000.00 matching incentive for donations made towards the lost income due to the Covid shutdown. Donating any part of already paid registration or camp fees qualifies for this matching incentive.


We have prayed specifically for “a plain path” during this entire situation, endeavoring to make the right and most wise decisions based on the information we receive as we received it. Recognizing that forgoing the summer camping was the only realistic path left for us confirms to us that this is the “plain path” for which we have prayed, so we are quite willing to trust the Lord in this matter. 


We are actively developing some opportunities for serving during this time. Some day programs remain available to us until restrictions are loosened or lifted. I will be keeping you in touch as these opportunities develop.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Please pray for us to exercise wisdom and avail ourselves of service opportunities as they arise during this, otherwise, very disappointing turn of events. It is a privilege to serve you, your church, and family.


Yours for the cause of Christ,


David Ulrich





Email us at and tell us which of the 3 options you have chosen!

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