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Ladies’ Retreat & Anchor Your Heart Ladies’ Conference

Ladies retreat reg form 2018 (for use of postponed retreat scheduled for January)

The 42nd Annual Ladies’ Retreat and the Anchor Your Heart Ladies Conference both begin with registration at 4:00pm on Friday and will end around 3:00pm Saturday. Meals included are Supper through Lunch.

What to Bring: Each person in Dorm housing will need to bring linens for a single bed, pillow, towels and personal items. All necessary linens are provided for those staying in the cottages. You will also need to bring a flashlight, notebook, and your Bible.

Attire: Dress will be casual, however, we ask that all clothing be modest and in good taste.

Dates & Speakers:

January 18-19, 2019 (42nd Annual): Gretchen Fant (open for new registrations!)

March 29-30, 2019 (Spring Conference): Carol Trahan

September 20-21, 2019 (43rd Annual): Debi Pryde

Ladies retreat reg form 2019

42nd Annual Retreat Cost:

$15 Reservation Fee (deducted from total cost)

$70 Dorm Housing

$85 Multiple Occupancy Cottage Housing

$105 Single Occupancy Cottage Housing

$50 staying off-site

2019 Spring/Fall Cost:

$15 Reservation fee (deducted from total)

$70 Dorm Housing

$85 Multiple Cottage (not lakefront)

$95 Single Cottage (not lakefront)

$105 Lakefront Multiple Cottage (limited availability)

$115 Lakefront Single Cottage (limited availability)

$50 Off-Site Guests

**Please note that some cottage housing requires use of stairs. Contact us if you need ground level housing.

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