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Ladies’ Retreat & Anchor Your Heart Ladies’ Conference


The 43rd Annual Ladies’ Retreat and the Anchor Your Heart Ladies Conference both begin with registration at 4:00pm on Friday and will end around 3:00pm Saturday. Meals included are Supper through Lunch.

What to Bring: Each person in Dorm housing will need to bring linens for a single bed, pillow, towels and personal items. All necessary linens are provided for those staying in the cottages. You will also need to bring a flashlight, notebook, and your Bible.

Attire: Dress will be casual, however, we ask that all clothing be modest and in good taste.

Dates & Speakers:

March 29-30, 2019 (Spring Conference): Carol Trahan

September 20-21, 2019 (43rd Annual): Debi Pryde

Print Your Form! →  Ladies retreat reg form 2019

2019 Conference & Retreat Pricing:

$15 Reservation fee (deducted from total)

$70 Dorm Housing

$85 Multiple Cottage (not lakefront)

$95 Single Cottage (not lakefront)

$105 Lakefront Multiple Cottage (limited availability)

$115 Lakefront Single Cottage (limited availability)

$50 Off-Site Guests

**Please note that some cottage housing requires use of stairs. Contact us if you need ground level housing.


Ladies’ Retreat Schedule


4-6 pm       Check in

6:30           Supper

7:45               Service


7:00               Coffee Available

8-9                  Pick Up Breakfast

9:30-10         Favorite Hymns

10-11:30      Free Time

11:30             Service

12:45             Lunch

2:00               Service

3:15               Dismiss

Anchor Your Heart Conference Schedule


5-6pm                             Registration

6-7:15                              Supper

7:45                                 Session 1: Carol Trahan

9:10-10                            Break Out Session: Heart to Hands

10-11                                Free Time



7-8:30am                        Coffee/Fellowship

8:40                                 Breakfast

9:30-10:30                     Session 2: Carol Trahan

10:40-11:30                   Break Out Session: Heart to God

11:45-12:45                    Session 3: Carol Trahan

1:00                                 Lunch

2:00                                 Session 4: Carol Trahan

3:15                                 Dismissal


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